Leland J.  Lay

Northview street, Boise, Idaho 83704     208-602-0544



Safely Operated Equipment

Caterpillar:  D 9-3, graders, 992-920, 824, 834B, 825B,G, 815C, 777A,C,  769C, Challenger 75/85C, 215LGP, 235, 245,303, 320, 5130 shovel, 416 436, 623.  John Deere: 690 790 200 544, 644, 10yd. elevating scraper, 410,310, 450-850  Case: W4, 1450B, 22-2590, 580K,E. Bobcat mini- ex. Kobelco, Hitachi:  UH 801 shovel  Steiger, Big Bud, John Deere Case tractors. Reynolds, Miskin, K-tek pull scrapers,  Bomag and Ingersoll Rand,  Raygo :  Vibratory smooth-drum padfoot and pneumatic rollers.  Various on and off road:  Water/ dump trucks. Bobcats, Grove rough terrain cranes, Welder,  Hand machines. ETC. ETC. ETC.


Owner, Atlas Earthmoving

Since 2000 I have done side-work and often fulltime work as an excavation, paving and concrete contractor, I’ve been full time at that for the last two years and have never advertised. I am a one man show with a little help from my friends who I help in return. I do all my work to commercial standard even on the tiniest back yard patio.


Employed positions from 2000 to 2007

Everything and one time partner Bivin’s Excavating           2003-2007

I worked for and with Bob Bivin’s doing every size bid I could convince him to bid on that I had experience with in addition to his mainstay work of replacing sewer, and water lines and doing sewer taps.  When I started with him he had  a backhoe and a bobcat when I left he added a new mini ex, bobcat and full size dump truck.  I partnered with him in an unsuccessful scraper operation in 04.

Grade-crew Foreman                                                       2000-03

I was Responsible for all excavation construction on commercial and residential job sites including supervising employees on my crew, working with gen. contractors, meeting deadlines. Usually this was done while operating graders or other equipment at the same time.  I gained some new experience operating Bull dozers on fire-lines. I did prep for asphalt, concrete, and laid lots of pipe. I worked for Capital Paving, Wright Brothers the Building Company,  MR Miller inc. Tuffy Excavation .


Foreman- Crusher Operator                                             Jan. -Jul.2000

Operate Portec 48" jaw and 60" impact crushers, related equipment.  Lead crew of three.  Recycling asphalt and concrete into usable road base.  Responsible for maintenance, repair, parts, and welding on crusher.  Discovered how to crush asphalt in hot weather, when it was thought to be un-do-able for, Gillingham construction.


Kinross Gold Inc. Delamar Mining Co. Jordan Valley, Oregon.


Heavy Equipment Operator                 Mine Operations               1996-1999

Operated bulldozers, loaders, graders, compactors, wheel-dozers, 50 ton water trucks,  hydraulic shovels and 100 ton haul trucks. In support of ore mining operations.  Including repairing and building haul roads to grade, loading trucks, moving snow, controlling run-off, ripping and dozing muck, spreading and stockpiling material, tailings dam construction.  Performing pre-shift operation and safety inspections of equipment.  Trained new operators on haul-trucks, water-trucks, compactors, wheel-dozer and bulldozers.  Lubricating and fueling when required.  Working with mine engineers, geologists, supervisors, coworkers, and surveyors to complete earth-moving and “special” projects in an efficient, timely, cost-effective manor.  Separating ore and waste by sight.  Hauling ore and waste in adverse conditions.  Some experience with pneumatic rock drills and high explosives.


Crusher Operator                     Mill Operations                1996

Operated 48” Jaw crusher and conveyors.  Duties included belt adjustment, clearing large rocks from jaw, feeding ,clean-up and helping with repairs.  Worked in the mill around hazardous chemicals such as cyanide and caustic agents.  Operated  loaders, bobcats  and rubber-tire backhoe.


  Lonnie Lischka Co. Bellville, Texas.


Heavy Equipment Operator                                                          1991-1992 & 1995

Operated, repaired, lubricated, rebuilt Steiger/ Reynolds scraper tractors, Case blade tractors, water tucks, plows and compactors.  Worked on rough grade construction of  Hwy. 290 Houston, Texas, a 2.5million cubic yard,  6 mile freeway bypass project.  Clay stripping  for dredging operation,  reclamation, dam building and land leveling projects.  Responsible for haul road repair and major earth-moving. Performed repairs and preventive maintenance on machinery including hydraulic system rebuilding, troubleshooting, major tire work and some drive train components.  Trained several operators in safe efficient operation of very complicated and worn scraper-tractors.


Williams Brothers Construction Inc.  Houston, Texas.


Heavy Equipment Operator                                                       1993-1995

Operated, repaired, lubricated John Deere/  Reynolds scraper tractors, bulldozers, graders, elevating scraper, excavator.  Worked on rough and fine grade construction of Hwy. 290 a 2.3 million yd. 6 mile extension of the bypass.  Duties included slope construction, building to blueprints, reading grade stakes and working with lime stabilized road base.  Trained several operators on newer more complicated scraper tractors.  Lead-man of scraper crew for over 1 year.  Implemented  money saving repair and  parts purchasing procedures for scraper-tractors. Negotiated with bearing and packing supply companies. Decreasing down time and over-all cost per cubic yard. 


Eagle Valley Construction.  Carson City, Nevada.


Aggregate plant  Laborer                                                 1990-1991

Maintained, shoveled and greased asphalt and aggregate plants.  Assisted with all repairs and adjustments including screen and cone liner replacement.  Watched  for plug-ups and other malfunctions on belts, crushers, screens, wash-plants and asphalt drums.  Operated  loaders, track-loaders, Grove cherry picker and pumps.


Other construction jobs.


1995- Eagle Water.  Eagle, Idaho.  Meter reader/ Laborer.   Underground water-line and fire-hydrant construction.  Operated jack-hammer and John Deere backhoe.  Read/ install water meters.

1990- Leonard Meehan Construction.  Carson City, Nevada.  Framing Laborer.  House framing and  general labor.  Operated nail gun and air compressor.

1988- M&D Concrete.  Dayton, Nevada.  Concrete Laborer. Helped set up, pour, finish and strip footing, stemwall, curb and gutter, sidewalk and flatwork forms.  Operated soil compactors.

1987- Pacific cable.  Carson City, Nevada.  Laborer, underground construction.  Replaced, repaired landscaping, asphalt, sprinklers.  Dug ditches for  new TV cables.  Raked asphalt.  Operated loader, ditch digger, jack-hammers, underground bore,  1 ton dump truck and hand compactors.


Other experience.


1995- Huntleigh Security.  Boise, Idaho.  Security checkpoint screener and  ground traffic patrol.  Screened boarding passengers for illegal items at security checkpoint with metal detectors and X-ray machines.  Assisted traffic flow and provided information to people around air terminal.

1990- U. S. Census Bureau.  Reno, Nevada.  Enumerator.  Interviewed, canvassed, mapped and counted people in Reno and Virginia City, Nevada.

1991-1995- Sealy, Texas.  Volunteer position as Branch Clerk. Computer experience withfinancial accounts, budgeting, and  updating /organizing membership records.  Used Financial and Membership Information programs.

Volunteer positions as Cub Scout leader, Y-Ball coach.




Whittell High School.  Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

   Diploma 3.25 GPA emphasis on college preparatory classes, Social Studies medal.

Western Nevada community College.  Carson City, Nevada.

  24 Credits/ 1Year General studies classes including Construction and Geology Courses. edit.